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“What is the Intuition Tool Kit?”

The Intuition Tool Kit (ITK), is a comprehensive online program where you can discover and learn to work with your own inner guidance. It supports you as you confront, and even potentially shift, chronic issues that have been plaguing you for years. Created by Michelle Cohen, this is an empowering DIY course designed to give you the skill sets you need to handle any problem and to help you turn your life around for the better.

“What can The Intuition Tool Kit do for me?”

The ITK puts you in the driver’s seat with the best navigational system in the world –YOU. Your inner guidance will become so powerful you will wonder how you got along without it all of these years.

“That sounds great. But HOW?”

By developing a basic intuition skill set that is so clear and dependable, you can rely on its assistance for any question you might have – big or small – in your daily routine. The training is so effective that you start to get immediate yes or no responses to any well asked question. This gives the clarity and freedom you want to make major (or minor) decisions in your life.

“Is the ITK for me?”

Do you have a feeling that if you trusted your gut more, your life would change dramatically? Do you feel that you are not quite sure how to make that happen? Then YES, the ITK can help.

“Cool! How?”

By giving you practical, reliable skill sets and helping you discover what are YOUR Signature Inner Guidance Tools. Through this program you will:

  • Blast through whatever is blocking you from living your life to the fullest
  • Better navigate your day and confirm your instincts with easy yes/no tools
  • Locate your particular Intuitive Personality Type as well as your Divination Tool Belt (over 75 options offered just to get started!)
  • Develop your own personal relationship with an endless array of possible ways to access the ‘unseen’ world

 “What is included in the ITK?”

A comprehensive 10-segment program for discovering your Personal Inner Guidance and how to work with it.

In the program, you will learn:

  • YES or NO guidance for making optimal choices
  • Highly refined question asking skills
  • How to find calm and stillness
  • Your heightened dominant ‘Super Powers’
  • Your natural intuitive abilities


  • 15  recordings
  • Full transcript
  • PDF workbook with exercises
  • Over 75 divination tool choices

The ULTIMATE program you’ll ever need to become fully intuitive, the ITK gives you EVERY TOOL IMAGINABLE to activate your natural psychic abilities. Yes, your PSYCHIC senses will become so powerful you will wonder why you waited so long to activate them.

FULL PRICE for this package is $497.

For a short time only, you can get this program for $97 (Yes, that is $400 in savings).  ORDER >>

SO check in with your intuition and see if you get a huge thumbs up. And then use that thumb to press the BUY NOW button and secure your future of great guidance! 



Michelle Cohen’s many talents have shellcolorbeen featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s All Things Considered, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post.

As an intuitive, she has given thousands of private channeled sessions. She has the ability to read a person’s personal blue print, get to the core issues and either help heal, transform or destroy the blocks. Her clients then receive guidance tools to move forward with clarity and purpose. Her abilities permanently alter the way her clients perceive themselves, transform their lives deeply and significantly in a short period of time and create sustainable long term solutions to chronic issues.

“I had the pleasure of getting readings from some of the top intuitives on the planet. Michelle has given me the most accurate readings I have ever received.”  – Jaimsyne B., Creator, Celebrity Gift Basket and Celebrity Lounge industries 

Join others who have unlocked their psychic and decision making potential using her method. Find your most aligned Self.

Since Michelle is capable of downloading concise and relatable “Extra-Ordinary” intuitive information, she is in the unique position to offer this very special opportunity for you to find your own intuitive psychic abilities.

Don’t miss out! Order NOW >>

Take control of your own personal power and gain incredible confidence.

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THE INTUITION TOOL KIT will unlock your (super) human abilities (the ones you know are there but have no idea how to access).

This is a proven way to develop your BUILT-IN GUIDANCE SYSTEM
so you can direct your life anytime, anywhere.

Did you know that most people think it is impossible to trust their gut instincts on a daily basis? They spend their whole lives randomly going from one day to the next not having any idea that they can take charge of their life.

Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Jobs each credited their enormous success to their highly developed intuition. In fact, Jobs once famously said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and INTUITION.” The truth is, developing extra-sensory intuition will help you make better choices and feel more empowered to take right actions.


Not sure how to check in with your intuition? OK, here is one way to do it. If the thought of buying the Intuition Tool Kit makes you feel happy, relieved, excited or scared – but the kind of scared you feel before embarking on a great adventure – then your guidance is probably  indicating that this is a good idea for you. If however, it is making you concerned or uncomfortable or you are just not sure – then your guidance is probably indicating that either you are not quite ready – you need more information or it really isn’t for you. If that is the case – then just go to the FREE BLOGS section – and enjoy more content from Michelle. Everyone comes to this information in their own way, in their own time. It’s all good  🙂

“I was always a believer/non-believer about the invisible world. It wasn’t until I met Michelle that I reached my comfort zone. I don’t begin to understand how she could have guided me to such smart insights but I’m grateful that she did. She really helped bring me back to my true self and allowed me to know and trust my instincts once again.” – Emily C., North Carolina

“The whole ability to interact and meet the spirit guides was really a very exciting moment for me…It left me confident that I have support 24/7 and to have that kind of sensation – that you have a group that has your back and is supporting you with all of the decisions you are making in your life left me feeling very comforted, very inspired”- Rob K., New York