Intuition Tool Kit Details

Hear Michelle discuss what you will experience:

The program is separated into 10 segments accompanied by a workbook to further explore the concepts put forth in the material. It is done on your own (or you can create a meet up group and play together) so that you can go through it at your own personal pace.


Putting you on “Notice”
Getting oriented and heightening observation skills

Here we will go over all of the possible reasons why it is a great idea to heighten your intuition and do a fun exercise that proves everyone has extrasensory abilities. We will also confirm that we are getting messages all of the time and this work will help you notice them more.

Can’t quite put your finger on it
Addressing any fears, concerns, doubts, apprehensions or skepticism

Here we will explore all of the reasons people are scared or skeptical or excited but think they can’t do it and how to approach these issues. Basically, how to adjust your brain to be more receptive.

The Key to Success – Preparation
Establishing a personal protocol to begin and end the work and various ways to get still, quiet, protected, grounded and centered.

Here we will go into various ways you can prepare to do the work such as establishing a private space, rituals or dedicated time and suggestions of what that could look like. Then we will explore internal prep: creating calm, safety, body and breath awareness, as well as what to do afterwards.

Establishing a foundational indicator for every day guidance using external and internal stimuli

Here we will cover different ways to establish simple yes or no tools: flipism, pendulum, bibliomancy, outward signals and signs, slips of paper, muscle testing, inner body senses – gut, mind, heart.

Coming up with great questions and how to handle the answers

Here we will go over how to ask great clear questions, look at what is a real and aligned one, notice how an answer makes you feel to know how accurate it is, what to do once you have received a response along with troubleshooting.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet
Setting up parameters and getting a higher perspective on what this is all about

Here we go over the mechanics of it all: time/space, frequencies, multi-possibilities, everything is energy, quantum field, outer source versus inner source information. How it is all the same idea—just different vocabulary that works better for the individual. And how it is all ultimately about trust.

Use your common sense and sense ability
Assessing and developing your dominant 5 methods of perception as well as the extrasensory 6th

Here we will explore your five senses and see which ones are more dominant. This translates to which CLAIR(S) you probably more naturally are: clairvoyant (sight), clairaudient (sound), clairgustance (taste), clairalience (smell), clairtangency (touch), clairsentient (feeling), claircognizance (instant knowing), clairempathy (feeling the other’s emotions).

You Have No Power Here. Be Gone
Overcoming possible blocks and obstacles

Here we will discuss all levels of discernment, safety and protection, looking out for false guides, how to tell the difference between monkey mind chatter and actual guidance, what it should feel like, ego issues, what to do if feeling blocked, and the ramifications of making change in one’s life.

Witch, Wizard or Sorcerer?
Looking at how you learn and what you want to learn

Here we will explore how you learn best: some are more visual, some need words, pictures, feeling it in their body, repetition versus hear it once and they’ve got it…same with extrasensory abilities. And we will look at a fun learning tool:  Witch (needs physical things to work with) vs. Wizard (needs mentors and books, moves energy around) vs. Sorcerer (gets it from inner knowingness – sudden impulses – direct download).

Using your YES/NO awareness to discern which tools feel like the ones you either want to explore, have an affinity for, or should look at.

Over 75 divination tools and techniques are categorized and defined, assisting you in taste testing which ones you will be adding to your personal tool kit in order to hone and master.