MORE thoughts from Michelle

“Like many people who have an unexplored sense, I had absolutely NO IDEA what to do with it. Since there is no Hogwarts (yet), I was left to figure out how to work with my Inner Wisdom on my own. Over the years, I was able to grow and incorporate my perceptions and abilities—and in doing so they became the underlying reason for my success in many endeavors in the arts, across my life, and in helping others with readings on their lives.

My story could have ended up simply that I harnessed this talent for others, giving people readings like they felt they never had before, combining common instinct with, for those open to it, intuition coming from outside of us. But an interesting thing happened when I started my intuitive business 20 years ago. I saw that most of my clients did not trust their intuition and doubted their ability to change the course of their lives for the better. They were reaching out for readings without realizing there was a path for doing it themselves.

I began helping them hone their specific natural gifts with great success. I taught basic principles and awarenesses based on common sense and special inner guidance that could be captured and explained. That’s when I discovered the real secret to dependable inner guidance – basic intuition skill sets!

My experience as a teacher, coach, and director translated easily into understanding the learning process. My inner guidance informed me that this year is a turning point for many people on this planet. Many of you are awakening to the real possibility that your lives can be easier, more aligned, and happier. I was asked to create the Intuition Tool Kit to assist all of you wonderful people on your journey to more prosperous, exciting, fun, surprising, and abundant experiences. I have been assured it is entirely possible to achieve and it is my pleasure to assist through this offering!”

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