Listen to an excerpt from “The Intuition Tool Kit” audio commentary on how to find immediate calm in your day:



Another excerpt from “The Intuition Tool Kit” on setting up strong intentions before checking in with your intuition:

“The next thing to do before starting any of the work is to set up the intention of what you are wanting before checking into your intuitive guidance.

The more clear and precise you are when starting, the more clear and precise the response can be. If you are fuzzy about your questions, “I kinda wanna know some stuff about stuff,” then you will kinda get to know some stuff about stuff. But if you are more precise and say “Look, this is a particular obstacle, this is what has been bugging me, this is what I would like an answer to, my intention is to receive any guidance and whatever steps need to be taken in order to solve this.” That is a whole different ball game.

Now if you are not totally sure what you want to be addressing, you can absolutely ask a more open ended question. A lot of times, if I am really confused all I can muster is, “What is going on?” but that is actually more concrete than having no particular idea in mind as to where you want the attention to be focused.

Also, a wonderful opener is to simply say, “I am listening.” That particular request invites a message offering something you may not even know you needed to hear. This is also great if you know that there are some responses that you have been protecting yourself from hearing, you have your defenses up or you are afraid to know what you have a feeling you may be discovering – even though it would be great for you to hear, just by opening up and admitting that you are finally willing to listen, that is an incredible way to set an intention and receive extraordinary value back.

Whatever you decide, you set up this intention and your body and the world go into agreement with you and that is the result you get.

Make sure when you are looking at your motivation it isn’t clouded or emotional or judgmental in any way. You want to try to get to as neutral a place when going in as possible. Then your inquiries and questions will be less heated and less triggered and the responses and results you get will be much more to the point and deeply fulfilling because they don’t have to try to get through all of your blocks and defenses and extra added obstacles in order to try and bring a message home.

The more you can claim when you begin that you are open and willing to receive whatever insight or information, the better off and the quicker you will get results.”